Does the Independence Center Health Group in St. Louis, Missouri Provide Mental Health Services?

The Independence Center Health Group (formerly Midwest Psychiatry) in St. Louis, Missouri is an organization that is dedicated to helping those affected by mental illness. It is a collective of family, friends, and individuals who are committed to advocating for a better life for those living with mental health issues. This group provides support, education, and promotion to those living in Charles County, Lincoln County, Franklin County, Warren County, and Jefferson County.

The Health Group offers comprehensive psychiatric care from psychiatrists, nurse practitioners, and a telepsychiatrist from the University of Washington. They take a holistic approach to care by monitoring health measures at every visit and providing health information and referrals for physical health needs. In addition to this, they provide both outpatient and inpatient care services that include professional counseling and medication therapy as needed. Recently, the Surgeon General published an 85-page notice that declared loneliness as a new public health epidemic in the United States.

By supporting the Independence Center Health Group, you are helping to provide support, education, and promotion to thousands of people living with mental illness in Missouri.

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