Volunteer in St. Louis: Make a Difference in Your Community

Are you looking for ways to make a difference in the Saint Louis community? Whether you have an hour to spare or can commit for an entire season, there are plenty of exciting volunteer opportunities available in St. Louis. From food delivery and animal care to business tutoring and music classes, there are plenty of organizations that could use your help. The St.

Louis Area Foodbank partners with more than 500 hunger-fighting programs and agencies, including soup kitchens, food pantries and shelters, to distribute food to people in need. There are several ways you can help. Volunteer activities include sorting, assembling and distributing bags of food, as well as helping to train, direct and support other volunteers.

Habitat for Humanity Saint Louis

offers families living in substandard rental housing the opportunity to build and purchase their own homes.

The help of volunteers is vital to keep the project going. They help construction personnel, organize supplies, photograph construction activities, and work at ReStore, which resells donated building materials.

Forest Park Forever

partners with the city of St. Louis to ensure the daily maintenance of the park.

If you like nature, you'll enjoy volunteering with this non-profit organization. You can contribute to planting, weeding, pruning and irrigation in the park's land management areas. Other volunteer opportunities include performing administrative tasks, helping at special events, and welcoming visitors to the information desk.

The St. Louis Public Library

hosts more than 2.3 million visitors each year at its 17 locations in the city.

Volunteer engagement plays an essential role in strengthening the library community. If you want to share your time and skills, you can choose to work with children, lead adult literacy programs, or collect and organize books. Alternatively, you can apply to work as a general volunteer at one of the library's branches.

The St. Louis Science Center

is one of the few free, non-profit science museums and one of the largest science centers in the country, serving more than a million people every year.

Volunteer opportunities at the museum include engaging young visitors with science and technology through the YES Volunteer Program, providing administrative support to staff, and performing other functions at the museum. You don't need to have experience in science or museums to volunteer.

Explore St. Louis

partners with hundreds of local and regional businesses to attract leisure travelers, group trips, conventions, meetings and sporting events across the city. As a volunteer, you can work at one of the Explore St.

Louis visitor centers serve as Gateway Greeter in St. Louis Lambert International Airport, or offer assistance at one of the Explore St. Louis offices.

The Patrick Center

provides permanent housing to homeless individuals and families and provides additional support in the form of job training, job placement, and behavioral health programs. In this position, volunteers' tasks consist of receiving blood samples, urine samples and other body fluid samples and passing them on to laboratory employees to identify the sample and analyze it.

CareSTL Health

behavioral health specialists are trained to help patients move forward in life.

Through the Bethesda Health Group Foundation, Bethesda provides substantial financial assistance to residents who exhaust their resources and cannot afford care and services.

Casa de Salud

provides clinical and mental health services for uninsured or underinsured patients, in particular for new immigrants and refugees who cannot access other sources of health care.

The Partnership for Philanthropic Planning of St. Louis region and Southwest Missouri (PPSLRSWMO)

, as well as its Advocates (the political and promotional arm of PPSLRSWMO), often have telephone banks.


, one of the few palliative care programs in Missouri that has earned a WHV level five rating - the highest possible rating - is an excellent place for those studying psychiatry, psychology, clinical social work, professional counseling or community health work to gain experience through internships. No matter what your skillset is or how much time you have available - there are plenty of ways for you to make a difference in your community by volunteering in St. Louis!.

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