Does the Health Group in St. Louis, Missouri Have Any Affiliations?

The health group in St. Louis, Missouri is a dedicated organization of family, friends, and individuals whose lives have been affected by mental illness. With over 40,000 team members and more than 12,800 providers, they are committed to providing exceptional health care services and to revealing God's healing. The organization serves five counties in the area: Charles County, Lincoln County, Franklin County, Warren County, and Jefferson County.

Recently, the Surgeon General published an 85-page notice stating that loneliness was a new public health epidemic in the United States. The health group is doing its part to provide support, education, and promotion to thousands of people living with mental illness in Missouri. The health group is affiliated with the Inter-Health Network (IHN), which is comprised of four Community Health Center organizations (CHC), two medical schools, two public health departments, and three major hospital systems that coordinate care across the country. The IHN values racial equity as an essential part of health equity and seeks partnerships to share responsibility for achieving health equity. The health group is also affiliated with SSM Health, which was the first healthcare organization in the U. S.

Department of State to win the country's top honor for its quality management and achievements. SSM Health serves the St. Louis, Mid-Missouri, Oklahoma metropolitan area and south-central Wisconsin with 23 hospitals, more than 300 doctor offices and other ambulatory and virtual care services, 13 post-acute care centers, comprehensive home care and hospice services, a pharmacy benefits company, a health insurance company and a responsible care organization. Finally, the health group is affiliated with Ascension – one of the main Catholic and non-profit health systems in the country – with the mission of providing compassionate and personalized care to all, with special attention to people living in poverty and the most vulnerable.

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